United to build, together to grow

Mission and Values

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Construction Albert Jean Ltd. has for mission to act as a business’ world partner in construction and renovation projects in Quebec. Construction Albert Jean Ltd. distinguishes itself in the commercial, industrial and institutional fields with its permanent and versatile team, in offering superior service.


“Always developing an exemplary expertise therefore to have professional projects taking shape to the lowest cost possible, making pledge of quality, in the shortest deadlines”.


Having Construction Albert Jean Ltd. recognized as the standard excellence in the professional construction field.


At Construction Albert Jean Ltd., we share values which we apply in our interactions with colleagues, customers, subcontractors and partners. Our values are guiding our choices through the blossom of our functions and aspirations.

Wishing to become Quebec’s reference in professional construction domain, it is important for us to accomplish our work with respect, integrity, responsibility and quality. This lead way brings us to precious business relationships.


Our business culture is strongly influenced by an 80 years old family culture, which reinforce the unity between our colleagues, customers, subcontractors and partners. Our values, which includes pleasure, helps us to reach a balance between the production, the effectiveness and a healthy working environment.

Moreover, the great fidelity of our team, bring’s to Construction Albert Jean Ltd. a precious expertise and priceless co-working relationships.

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