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Our company includes some 20 senior employees working in the following services: estimates, project management, human resources, administration, accounting and secretarial support.

We also employ some 60 construction workers of which 30 are permanent employees (foremen and labourers); most of them trained by the company and accustomed to its high standards of quality.

Compared with many competitors, we have created a polyvalent, specialised and permanent workforce, enabling it to rapidly assemble teams to maximize the cost-efficiency of each project. This core of extreme motivation and competence ensures customers, enhanced project management on the work site as well as superior quality control and, finally, efficient after-sales service.


“At Construction Albert Jean Ltd., continuous quality improvement is the responsibility of each employee in every department. It can be seen in both, team spirit as well as in the final delivered product to customers.”


Moreover, reaching a constant quality improvement in the services that we deliver, we attach importance to the development of each member of our team.

Consequently, we offer to our construction workers and our senior employees, formation activities which enable them to adopt effective and secure working methods.

We support prevention, conscious acts and the replacement of incorrect working methods on the field, but also, the improvement of communication, management of time, and control of stress, for a healthy working environment.

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