The company

The company

Our company
A construction and renovation company with deep roots in Montréal

Founded in 1927 by Mr. Albert Jean, the company specializes mainly in commercial construction. In 1965, Mr. Pierre Jean son of Mr. Albert Jean took over the company. With this change in administration, Construcation Albert Jean decides to focus mainly on interior and new construction projects in the commercial, industrial and institutional sectors always committed to superior quality and results.

In the millennium year 2000, Mr. Pierre Jean nominated his children, Pierre Albert, Patricia and Sébastien, making them the third generation to continue the business. Today, Construction Albert Jean employs over 75 employees and continues to thrive through a dedicated winning formula of quality in promoting leadership, respect, integrity and traditional family values that have allowed the company to create long lasting business relationships.

90 years and counting in the industry, Construction Albert Jean continues to seek new challenges across multiple generations through the confidence of their clients and partnerships to become one of the most accomplished and respected builders in Québec.

Montreal construction and renovation

Our mission

A construction and renovation company

At Construction Albert Jean, our mission is to partner within the business sector of construction and renovation projects throughout Québec. Our full-time, qualified multitask teams, as well as our focus on high end services, have enabled us to stand out in the commercial, industrial and institutional sectors.

Our vision

Quality constructions and renovations

To become the best construction company in Montréal, backed by a team of experts qualified to carry out your projects at the lowest possible cost, as quickly as possible, and with impeccable quality.

Our values

The guiding principles of our construction projects

Construction Albert Jean’s values underpin our principles and guide our everyday actions. All Construction Albert Jean employees are committed to following best business practices in line with the company’s values:

  • Respect: Show consideration for others and the environment.
  • Quality: Strive for excellence through the application of knowledge, skills and experience.
  • Trust and integrity: Behave in a fair and honest manner.
  • Teamwork: Work together to achieve common goals.
  • Family and fun: Work together in a friendly, family-like atmosphere, while having fun at work.